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2006-03-30 07:10 pm

Coming together

Another year to start in just a few days, and I think it will be a good one.
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2006-03-19 07:05 pm

Real vacation

And tomorrow morning we're off. A whole week down at Tonosawa, just us and no one else. I really have to wonder whether my family feels guilty, or something.

Or perhaps Renji's mother convinced them. She's really the most wonderfully sensible, non-interfering person I've ever met.
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2006-03-14 07:00 pm

Peace and quiet

I forget, sometimes, how nice it is to concentrate on simple things like strength training without having to worry about the club.

Not that I would want to leave the worrying to anyone else, of course. *smiles*

But focusing more tightly every now and then keeps everything working smoothly.

And just in time to pay attention to the weeds, as they start to sprout. *rueful* At least all my early flowers seem to be equally ready to be up and about. It does look like the compost pile is going to get a lot of raw material this spring, though.
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2006-03-10 02:40 pm

You win some

It's too bad the other side of this match had to happen that way. But I'm extremely pleased with how it went on Akaya's part.

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2006-03-01 06:52 pm

Almost there

Two more days. And then I am getting out of town and going to Yugawara-Bairin to see the plum trees.

Renji, Genichirou )
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2006-01-28 05:20 pm


Yagyuu, I think we may have found something interesting for you. Ask me about it Monday at practice.
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2006-01-21 04:37 pm

All well

Congratulations Yuuta. And welcome.
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2006-01-12 04:36 pm

Rhythm of life

Well, maybe the universe doesn't want me to do anything drastic after all. Things have settled down for the new term, which is a relief.

And my sister is being extremely cute.
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2006-01-07 04:34 pm

(no subject)

Damn it, Tezuka! Would you care to pick up your phone and explain to me exactly what you thought you were doing? To use someone else's player so carelessly without asking or checking is not what I expect from you.
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2005-12-15 04:32 pm

(no subject)

It's almost enough to make me wish we had more snow in the winters, here.
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2005-12-14 04:30 pm


Soulds like you had a good time, Akaya.

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2005-12-10 04:28 pm


Finally! Classes are over, paperwork is caught up, I get to relax.

Yes, Renji, I know the paperwork is my own fault. It's still nice to have a break and to let everything settle and reorder in my mind.
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2005-12-04 10:21 pm


An invitation for vaction, is it, Na-chan? *innocent smile*

Well, do have a good time. Perhaps we'll have to invite Ogata-kun along on a reciprocal trip at some point? Down to Ashi, maybe?
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2005-11-28 10:15 pm


Perhaps I should stop saying things like "it's a good month". It appears to be tempting fate.

Fate can be damned.